Rainbow Circle Council

The Council: Members of Rainbow Circle may elect by secret ballot any members of their choice at the AGM, including members who are not present. Members write down a list of members they want to see on the Council on a piece of paper. The first 24ish members gaining the most votes will be elected onto the Council. (see 11a) )

5f) The Council has the right to refuse membership. Reasons for refusal shall be given in writing. Unsuccessful applicants shall have the right to appeal to the Council.

6b) The Council is responsible for conduct within Rainbow Circle, for investigating complaints, and for taking action against anyone who has contravened or insufficiently observed the standards and regulations set by Rainbow Circle.

11. The Council

11a) The number of people on the Council shall not be less than 7 and not more than 24, ( unless tied votes make this impossible : in which case the number shall be the nearest to 22 and a third).

11b) The Councilís responsibilities shall be to arbitrate over the application of the Constitution; admit, refuse and terminate membership as in clauses 5f) and 6b); deal with personal complaints as in clause 6b); and provide support and advice to the Camps Working Group. The Council shall help the Camps Working Group resolve conflicts and in this context the Councilís decision is binding. The Council shall have power to remove any member of the Camps Working Group as outlined in clause 12b).

11c) The Council shall meet when called by members of the Council, the Camps Working Group or by co-ordinators of camps and other activities.
Except in real emergencies, the quorum necessary for a Council meeting shall be 8 off site and three quarters of its members present on site.
Every member is entitled to one vote on each proposal.
A proposal put to the vote shall be decided by a show of hands
The meeting shall try to obtain a consensus of agreement on any matter under discussion.
Failing this, a proposal shall be passed when two thirds or more of members present are in favour
If the proposal is not passed, further proceedings on the proposal can take place at that or the next appropriate meeting.

11d) The Council derives its authority from Rainbow Circle in a secret ballot at the AGM and is answerable to the members of Rainbow Circle.

11e) In exceptional circumstances the Council may make decisions without a physical meeting: by email, phone and letter. If they fail to reach consensus then a proposal shall be passed when two thirds or more of all the members are in favour

6biv) In cases of serious misconduct, the Council or Camps Working Group, or all of a camp's coordinators (for just their one camp), have the right to tell a person to leave the site or premises used by Rainbow Circle immediately. Serious misconduct can include violence, sexual abuse, harassment or drug dealing. This list is not exhaustive. The Council shall review action it has taken retrospectively and, if appropriate, amend their decision if further information comes to light.

14. October 2014 amendments to abstentions and quorates
14a) Abstentions are not counted as votes in favour or against.
14b) Meetings in person must have at least 5 votes in favour and decisions on the internet need at least 10 votes in favour to be passed. (The 2/3rds voting rules regarding quorate and also the need for other meetings to try and gain consensus still applies.) These new clauses over ride clauses in the constitution at section 10e and 11c.

Note: The 2015 AGM voted to accept the first 14 people voted for onto the council.

    Council elected at October 2018 AGM

  • anna
  • annie
  • carrie
  • Cheryl
  • dave guitar
  • dave tofu
  • Eyan
  • george
  • gretel
  • jay jay
  • john
  • karen weaver
  • Kris
  • lady K
  • lisa
  • luke
  • nasha
  • richard
  • sarah circles
  • sarah weaver
  • star
  • vinnie

    also elected at October 2018 AGM:

  • Secretary Lady K
  • Treasurer Clare
    also elected at 2017 agm:
  • Secretary: Lisa
  • Treasurer: Clare
  • Tat coordinator: John
  • Farm Liason: Richard

    Council elected at October 2016 AGM

  • Andrea Stevenson
  • Annie
  • Carrie
  • Cheryl
  • Clare
  • Dave Pugh
  • Gary
  • George
  • Jason
  • Lisa Butterfly
  • Lisa StarFire
  • Luke
  • Karen C
  • Karen S
  • Nasha
  • Olivia
  • Richard
  • Ron
  • Star
  • Sue

    Council elected at October 2015 AGM

  • Annie
  • Dave Pilgrim
  • GaryG
  • George
  • Gretel
  • Hollie
  • Jade
  • Karen
  • Liam
  • Lisa
  • Lorraine
  • Richard
  • Star
  • Sue

Council elected at October 2014 AGM

, Annie , Carrie , Cheryl , Dave Pugh , Emily , Gary , George , Helen W , Hollie , Jade Rose , Jay , Karen S , Karina , Kestrel , Liam , Lisa (Resigned May 2015) , Lynn S   (Resigned March 2015) , Richard , Star , Sue Weasel , Tipi Alan

Council elected at October 2013 AGM

, Anton , Alan , Annie , Carol , Dave Guitar , Dave Mad , Dave Pilgrim , Dave Pugh , George , Helen Wilson , Jade , Jay , Karen , Kestrel , Liam , Lisa ,LynBym , Nasha , Richard , Star , Sue Weasel

Council elected at October 2012 AGM

Ali (resigned August 2013) , Annie , Brenda , Dave Pugh , Dave Pilgrim , Dave Guitar , Eamon , George , Gretel , Helen Wilson , Izzy , Kestrel , Nick , Phil , Sarah , Simba , Simon , Star , Sue Weasel , Tatiana

Council elected at October 2011 AGM

Alan (Tipi) , Alan (Welsh) , Ally , Annie , Brenda , Caz , Chris , Eamon , George , Gretel , Helen (W) , Izzy , Josette , Mister Karen , Kestrel , Kith , Liam , Lyn Bym , Maggie , Nick , Sarah W , Simon , Sue Weasel , Viv , William

Council elected at October 2010 AGM

Ali , Annie , Carol , Caz , George , Gretel , Helen (Steiner) , Helen , Izzy , Jason , Jilly , Jon , Kestrel , Kith , Larry , Lisa , Maggie , Maria , Mshel , Mr Karen , Nik , Sue Weasel , Terry , Viv , William

Council elected at October 2009 AGM

Andrew Bleach , Annie , Brenda , Caz , Clare Bleach , Dave ( guitar) , George , Gretel , Izzie , Jilly , Joanne , Jon C , Kestrel , Kith , Lisa , Maggie , M'shel , Sue Weasel , Viv William


see also Winter Working Group
and Constitution