Rainbow Circle UGM 2-3 oct 2004

Rainbow Circle Unofficial General Meeting 2-3 October 2004
see: constitution

at Kingsley Hall, Powis Rd E3 in London
5 minutes from Bromley by Bow tube, district line, turn left, down st leonards st, left into grace street, right into powis rd. ~ kingsleyhall.co.uk has a map

To: rainbow-circle@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [rainbow-circle] important invitation
Date: 24 2004 September 24 21:55

Hi everyone!
Sorry about the short notice but due to the RainbowCircle crisis situation 
and the cancelling of the membership EGM due to Steve's death, Starcus Jon 
and I, with the support of Brenda our secretary and Franqui our treasurer 
are calling together a crisis meeting, to take place before the AGM.  The 
purpose of this meeting is to forward detailed proposals that the AGM can 
vote on.  It is not an official meeting and will have no power to make 
decisions for the Rainbow Circle.  All proposals will be taken to the AGM.  
The issues we will be discussing are:
                              1. Who are we?
                              2. What are we doing?
                              3. Why are we doing it?
                              4) Do our current constitution and membership 
arrangements help, hinder or have no effect on the above? (!)

These topics will lead into a discussion of our purpose and core values and 
how to put these into effect.  It will include discussions about boundaries, 
whether to have any and if so how to create them, and discussion about 
conflicts and how we resolve them.  We believe that if we can only reach 
clarity on these issues, the answers to other hardy annual topics of debate 
like festival&/or camps, magic hat &/or tickets etc etc will all fall 
naturally into place.
The meeting will take place on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October at Kingsley 
Hall in London (details to follow)  the meeting will start at 12 noon on 
Saturday to allow people time to get there and continue until about 7pm.  On 
the Sunday it will start at 11am and finish at 3pm 

Rather than sit in a big circle the whole time, we hope to break into small 
groups each with a ‘hot topic’ to talk about... and then to regroup into a 
bigger circle to share what each group has thought through.
This letter is going to all members and lots of others. Everyone who has had 
recent (this century) involvement in Rainbow Circle is welcome so please 
spread the word, but please also bear in mind that this is NOT a social 
occasion.  Come to this if you have ideas on how to make Rainbow Circle 
viable and you would be up for putting energy into making it happen; if you 
have experience of what works, gained either from Rainbow Circle camps or 
from the wider Rainbow movement and/or if you have positive, practical ideas 
on how to help Rainbow Circle.
This meeting cannot make final or binding decisions about Rainbow Circle.  
If you want to be in on the discussions and decisions about the proposals we 
come up with, the AGM itself is the place for that.
 We are mailing as many people as we can and of course not everyone will be 
able to come.  That's not a problem.  We need support on many levels.  If 
everyone comes we will make room and be delighted, but if you can't come you 
could write - we will take all positive ideas into consideration.  Send us 
your love and be with us in spirit!
The AGM is the place where the decisions will be made and it really is 
important to prioritize it... especially as it rather looks as if this 
year’sAGM will effectively decide whether Rainbow Circle lives or dies.  Be 
aware that if you come to the Oct 2nd/3rd meeting, you will still need to 
come to the AGM to propose, explain and VOTE on the proposals and also that, 
in attending both meetings, you will almost certainly have to sit through 
the same deliberations twice!  But, hey, that's life innit. 

with love, peace and lots of rainhbows,

Lyn and Jon

ps Do you know about the MEGABUS??  If you book about a week in advance (and 
often less), you can get from most major cities to London for £1 each way + 
50p booking fee.  You have to book on line: www.megabus.com
 and you have to 
book specific journeys, but it's worth going to a library or an internet 
cafe if you haven't got internet connections at home.

the views in this email are (probably) of the author

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