Rainbow Circle 2001 Camps

The camps are finished for this year, all ran on Magic Hat Philosophy which seemed to work ok. Details of next years camps

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For more pictures of last years camps, have a look round the virtual camp. or see how we survived the Eclipse Camp in 1999!

Thanks to Trish, Matt, Siani and Carol for the photos.


Magic Tree

Feather 3

27th April- 13th May
Beltane Camp

This will be a busy camp, its hard work being a Pagan with all its rejoicing and celebrating!

Photos from the camp

This is a Magic Hat camp, to celebrate the start of Summer

Sorry, but absolutely NO DOGS!

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26th May - 3rd June Family Fun Camp


This camp is for the young and not so young, for kids, parents, grandparents alike. Come and release your inner child, regardless of your age.

There will be events happening all the time, both inside and out, including football, volleyball, badminton, trampolines, rope swings, music and dance workshops, tai chi, yoga, art and craft workshops, plus minstrels wandering and the occasional evening extravaganza

This year we are very fortunate to have found a stunningly beautiful site in the heart of the Somerset countryside

Photos from the Camp!

For the new millennium - Happiness, Humour, Hope, Healing and Health to us all.

Celebrate Cheesy's 40th Birthday.
A Yoghurt Thrash & Friends party within the confines of the Family Fun Camp on Sunday 3rd June, in tents, in domes, acoustic and low vol.

This is at the end of a children's camp, so please respect this and consider the kids late at night, for whom the site is

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3rd Aug - 27th August - The Summer Camp!

Come and join us for the English Summer Sun. For the first time Rainbow Circle will complete a whole year of Magic Hat camps concluding with this camp. Lammas and a full moon will be part of this camp, expressing our creativity will be important in their celebration. Opportunities for being creative will be a major element this year, and your contributions to this will be most appreciated!

We shall be dividing the site into clearly marked areas of activity, noisy and quiet, to avoid conflicts of interest.

Photos from the camp!

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