Rainbow Circle
1999 Eclipse Camp

Its taken ages to get the photos sorted out for this, the most amazing Astrology camp ever. Held near Totnes in Devon, on the eclipse path, it was a triumph of hope and trust over everything. Rainbow Circles biggest camp, we were one of the few groups who didn't go bust in the process! Thanks to everyone who made it an experience never to forget. Thanks to Tim and Carol for the photographs



Dawn broke to an overcast sky. The pentagram garden, lit by candles all night was the focal point of all night vigils and meditations. The centre of the pentagram points towards the sky where the eclipse will happen.

The Sky during the whole of the eclipse was extraordinary

As the sun rose, so did the mist, filling the valleys with low mist


The eclipse wasn't going to wait for us, so all the children and musicians went round the camp making sure everyone was up


Mark opened the circle, moving us into a sacred space for the next few hours. The sky was ominously overcast!


A winding spiral dance, weaving in and while above us, the sun and moon moved closer


Drumming and chanting, raising the energy


And then the clouds parted and we saw it! There was enough cloud to protect the eyes, and enough to see the clear crescent of the sun. Even more amazing was the totality. Drumming stopped and the birds sang as the blackest thunderstorm seemed to approach us on the hill. All around us on the hills, the flashlights popped and a people gasped and stared at the sight. Then it was over, and the lights came back on.





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