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• Meditation

Dive into the Rainbow/Dance of life


• Mid Day Meetings

Handing out jobs to be done for the community.

And Listing skill shares and workshops times


• Magik Hat

Monies raised goes to the landowner for rent and food costs.

Rainbow also has storage costs and repairs to maintain


• Family Fun Time

Family Walk/Crafts or Games/Workshops


• Preparing Dinner as a Community

So good for sharing recipes and turns a daily chore into wonderful sharing experience


• Washing pots

Wonderful for getting wet and a great family way of getting involved

Help with lifting water to boil on the fire pit maybe keep the fire going


• 7.30-ish Kids Story Time

Magical Bed Time Stories with Hot Chocolate


• 8.30-ish Adult Story Time

Fun and Heart Sharing Story Telling for Adults

daily activities