Rainbow Circle AGM 30-31 oct 2004

Rainbow Circle Annual General Meeting AGM 30-31
see: constitution

To: rainbow-circle@yahoogroups.com
Date: 2004 October 06 17:20

From: Jonathan + Lyn + Michelle + George
Subject: agm latest agenda
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 13:30:59 +0100


11am PROMPT! (BST, NOT Rainbow circle time!)

Attunement and chants
1: Welcome
i) A name round and 'listening stick circle' where we all take no more than two minutes each to introduce ourselves, express why we have come and what result we hope the meeting will bring.
ii) Apologies

(around 1pm) Lunch break one hour

2pm Attunement and chants.
2: fine tune and formally agree this agenda (5 minsw)
3: reports (five mins per item)
i) Beltane (Benson and M'shel)
ii) Kidz camp (Katie, Benson and Chi Si)
iii) Pilton (Glastonbury Festival) (M'shel)
iv) "Tat and intimacy" camp (Benson, Alan, Anna)
v) Healing/Detox camp (Toni, Karen, Kasia)
vi) Skills, share, music camp (Brenda, Richard, George)
vii) Secretary's report (Brenda)
viii) Treasurer's report (Franqui)
ix) Vehicles report (George)
x) Tat report (Starcus)
xi) wwg

4: Elections
Election of Secretary
Election of Treasurer
Explanation of the procedure for the election of the council (which will be taking place on the Sunday)

Break 10 mins... then, around 3pm

5) VOTING PROCEDURES FOR THIS AGM i) Are we accepting votes at this agm, as
we have traditionally done over the past few years, from everyone in the room, or are we accepting votes, as we strictly should according to our
constitution, from members only?
Proposal; everyone in the room can vote until the membership proposals below have been decided.
Sat Oct 30 2004 AGM Page 2
a) Membership from now on shall be renewable annually
(Existing members, who have paid a pound at some point in the past and "appear to be" life members under the existing arrangement, will therefore need to renew their membership annually from now on.)

b) Membership will run from agm to agm (amendments are invited on this
proposal) If you join mid year, your membership still runs out at the agm.

c) Membership fee. (price amendments are invited on this proposal)
Membership fee will be between 20 - 30 pounds with a 10 pound concession for those who ask, payable annually.

d) Membership entitlement (amendments are invited on this proposal)
Membership should be available to anybody who has spent at least 7 days and 7 nights at two Rainbow Circle camps.

IMPORTANT if all the above is passed, we will have no existing members left. So we will need to accept new membership applications immediately.
Please be ready to pay a new annual membership subscription there and then if you want to continue with a right to vote and propose amendments during the rest of this agm.

BREAK to take new membership forms.

Attunement, chant and celebration of new membership

Then if there is time... Proposals from the MEMBERSHIP focus group at the crisis meeting. (The focus group were all agreed about these but though rest of the meeting heard these proposals, we did not have time to discuss them. We therefore put them forward for the consideration of the entire agm)

i) Only members shall be entitled to submit proposals (and amendments to
proposals) to the agm but EVERYONE present at the agm (member or not) shall be entitled to discuss and vote on these.
ii) a: One gathering each year will be for members only and will facilitate the selection of the winter working group and hold the council elections. This gathering will produce the proposals for the agm - by concensus if possible or 2/3 majority if not. b: Partners and friends are welcome as guests of members at this gathering but voting will be restricted to members only.
iii) new members should participate in an initiation/welcoming ceremony.

10am prompt. Attunement and chants

7: Boundaries (75 minutes) We affirm that almost everyone is welcome at Rainbow Circle camps but bad behaviour is not welcome. Thus we propose that
i) Each camp to have a mediation co-ordinator, appointed by the camp co-ordinators. The mediation co-ordinator to be a council member. They will take responsibility to make sure that mediation is available. The mediation co-ordinator is not expected to mediate on every issue personally but to encourage and co-ordinate the efforts of volunteers, each addressing themselves to specific issues arising at the camp.
ii) If mediation efforts don't seem to be working, a circle of people to be called to find the person in question, stand around them quietly and lovingly and point out that their behaviour is unacceptable.
iii) If a person's behaviour seriously and repeatedly disrupts the camp, they will be asked to leave and, if necessary, evicted.
iv) The council and the camp co-ordinators, together, are the ultimate arbiters of 'serious and repeated disruption'.
v) The council, camp co-ordinators and mediation co-ordinator shall, if appropriate, report their decision to the circle and seek their support.
vi) If necessary, the entire camp to be mobilised to help ensure a gentle, loving but firm eviction.
Other strategies
i) An experienced member of Rainbow circle to be on the gate at all times.
ii) All sacred spaces to have guardians
iii) In 2005, co-ordinators, as far as possible, should try to lay out each camp, in 2005 as ONE BIG circle!
iv) All at the camp to feel empowered, should they ever hear a serious incident arising in the night, to get up, rouse their nearest neighbours... and go to help calm it down.

11.30 Break 15 mins
8: 11.45 MAGIC HAT? (75 minutes)
1) Every rainbow circle camp has to have at least one magic hat meal per day.
2) Next season's camps
i) All magic hat?
ii) All tickets?
iii) A combination?
Proposal; In 2005, there should be a combination of ticket camps and magic hat camps and the choice should be down to the co-ordinators of each camp. If ticket arrangement, the price should be set by the Winter Working Group.
1pm Break for lunch

2pm Attunement, chants.

9: Camp vision share. (90 minutes)
How many camps should we do next year?
What should they be?
Who will co-ordinate them?

A year off?
Just one camp?
Just two?
Just three?
A whole season?

PROPOSAL: At least one co-ordinator for every camp must have previous experience of co-ordinating a rainbow circle camp.

PROPOSAL: All camps must have at least three co-ordinators.

break 15 mins to 3.45
10: Selection of Winter working group and other roles (45 mins)
Proposal (please see 4 page letter from Starcus, distributed with this agenda). Apart from the secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor, only members who are willing to co-ordinate a camp or co-ordinate an area for at least two camps should be on the Winter Working Group - i.e. if you are going to be in the working group, be there for a reason and make a commitment. The Winter working gruop may then co-opt other members, as in our constitution.

Lyn's proposal Members who are new to Winter Working Group meetings should, for their first year have a voice but no vote.
self selection of;
winter (working group
vehicle co-ordinator,
phone contact.
(Rainbow Circle has been offered free use of a central local rate number which can be switched, at will, to any phone. This role, therefore, could be shared.)
equipment co-ordinator,
5pm closing circle, chants, magical ceremony

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