We try and keep an awareness of recycling during the camp, and minimise the amount of waste that has to be dumped in landfill. This is an area where bottles, cans, and plastic are separated and at the end of the camp, that which cannot be composted is taken off to the tip. It does bring an awareness of what waste we produce, and the fact that it needs to be dealt with, not just ignored. The more you can take home with you, the less you produce, then the easier it will be to clean up the site afterwards!

The Story of Rubbish

Mother Earth, having been raped by her offspring, Humanity, has given birth to a monster. Rubbish, also called Garbage.
Denied and reviled by his father, Rubbish has grown enormous and become demented.
His mother can no longer contain him and he is choking her to death.
You, Humanity, stop violating your mother, the Earth. Recognise Rubbish for what he is, your son and also your brother, born both from the great Mother's flesh. Take hold of him, embrace him, and learn to love him; never call him vile disgusting and dangerous, We have brought him here into being; Now let us help him find his rightful place.
Love and Respect.
(Check out the black bin liners of the soul)

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