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Flowers of Youth, Never Ending.          

When loves flame did flutter
I went down to the gutter
And lived on the wild side of life again,
All those shaggy dog stories
Ah! the heartache and the glory,
Could not see love through the pain,
Flowers of youth, hours of you,
flowers of youth..neverending.
Then I drifted,and I rambled.
With my very life I gambled
My friends said
"She's thrown it all away"
Then I became an Island
No true love smiling,yet saying,
"This time I'm here to stay"
Flowers of youth, hours of youth,
flowers of youth..neverending
Time passes I found my way
Not the kind where you hope & pray
No God, no faith, to blame, just me
I stopped the search,I lived each day
This is why I am here to say
Flowers of youth, hours of youth,
flowers of youth..neverending.

 Copyright Drusilla..Here & Now 

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