Rainbow Circle
Psyche Circle Camp
31july-8august 2002

gathering together in nature we are all exposed to a multitude of vibrations, but not those of town; these 'vibes' are elemental, fundamental and deeply part of our humanity. Our personal auric vibrations overlap each other and on the field our vibrations merge with those of the trees, the drums, the birds and the spirit of the land, to name a few. The intention within the Psyche Circle is to acknowledge the overlapping webs of vibration around us. To create a space of respect and sensitivity to allow us to tune in and feel the physical presence of this overlapping. This endeavour names the overlapping as psychic. Here is the space to explore and discover our psyche and our psychology within the dynamic of a Rainbow Circle camp. The width of our exploration includes telepathy, divination, astrology, premonitions mediumship and shamanism, the moon, the mind and the spirits and divas around us.

In the spirit of magic hat, all people with skills to share are especially welcome.


wych - elm

entry by magic hat donation.
daily gatherings, workshops in domes and lodge
self-discovery within the dynamic of a Rainbow Circle camp

quiet camping area
daily magic hat communal meal
10 dog deposit, refunded to well-behaved dogs.

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