August 2002


Performance celebration camp

After the exhilaration and pitfalls of our first season of magic hat camps, we bravely continue with our Rainbow Circle Adventure.
We are going to do another season of Magic Hat

We want everyone to be aware that we are the Magic Hat! what we all put in provides for all our needs, so we give all the money, time, loving energy we can manage

When we create our magic village in the field we assemble it together, do all the jobs ourselves for life support in the natural world. We bring warm bedding and waterproof clothing, tents and living spaces of our own. We bring our own plates, cups, cutlery and water containers. If we want Magic Hat meals we cook them ourselves. We all do what we can to set up the camp and keep it running and take it down without paid workers. Dogs can be brought on site if a 10 deposit is paid (returnable if the dog is always kept on a lead, and owners clean up all dog mess). Trading only on Saturdays! Loud music late at night upsets neighbours and is not on. Nevertheless we honour our musicians. We also show love and respect for our children by working to give them good space to play safely. We organise our own free educational workshops sourcing the inexhaustible creativity of the circle

We need love. We need to participate with good energy and respect for each other. We do not need alcohol abuse, canned amplified music, drug abuse or any other abusive behaviour. If the circle is to survive, we must respect each other's health, safety and well being. Let's enjoy being together in nature! Let's leave city hassles behind us, when we enter the circle of rainbow magic!

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