Myth & Magic - 15-22 August

Atlow, Derbyshire

Myths are stories with a meaning: they tell us about ourselves, our history, our fears, our hopes, our dreams.

Magic is a way of changing reality to suit our will.

Rainbow Circle believes in a myth, that many diverse people can live together in a field, sharing friendship, food, music, healing, learning from each other and enjoying the experience.

For a week in August we will make that myth reality. The willing energy of everyone present will make magic happen.

Join us for a day or a week of living out our dreams, the magic can last a lifetime.

At our Myth & Magic camp we will be building a communal spirit, sharing our love and energy. We hope everyone will help with running the camp in some way. Most people feel that by sharing their time and skills they become more empowered and become part of our community.

On site trading is only allowed on Saturdays and in the Rainbow Circle shop/cafe.

The camp seeks to provide at least one communal meal a day, which will be vegetarian, nutritious and tasty, on a magik hat basis.

Music is an important part of Rainbow Circle, we hope you will bring along drums, guitars and other musical instruments.

No amplified or electronic music at any time please.

Dogs are welcome, but only by prior arrangement with the coordinators.

Direction will be posted here a week before the camp.


If you have any questions please contact Kestrel


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