Magik Hat


Magik hat means instead of a fixed price ticket, we pass the Magik Hat around, and everyone puts in what they can afford. This means no one is excluded due to financial hardship.


Magik hat is based on TRUST, we TRUST that everyone will contribute as much as they can, and no one will take advantage of the hat.


At a Magik Hat camp we are building a communal spirit, where we share our love and energy. We hope everyone will help with the camp in some way. This could be fetching supplies, kitchen work, running a workshop, erecting and maintaining camp structures, or whatever you feel you can do. If everyone contributes a couple of hours a day it’s amazing what we can achieve. It’s all voluntary, but most people feel that by sharing their time and skills they become more empowered and feel part of our community.


What does the Magik hat pay for?
Everything involved in running the camp. This includes: rent of the field, fuel and maintenance for camp vehicles, maintenance and repair of the marquees, domes and other structures, food, gas to cook it on, arts and crafts materials for workshops. It is also necessary for the camps to make enough money to pay for storage of our vehicles and equipment over winter.


A big difference between Magik hat and ticket camps is that at Magic hat everyone helps with the camp, taking joint responsibility for all the tasks that need to be done, so we have no staff costs.


How much should I put in?
It’s entirely up to you, but you might ask yourself a few questions:
How much would it cost to go on holiday with my family elsewhere?
How much does it cost to feed my family each day?
What would a healing session or workshop cost me elsewhere?
How much do I value my time at camp?
Do I want Rainbow to be able to put on more camps next year?


If you can afford it, we suggest a minimum donation of £5 per person per night, including children.


When does the Magik hat come round?
Everyone is asked to contribute to the hat when they first arrive at camp. The hat is also passed around at the food circle every day and may also come round the camp site during the day – the more money the hat collects, the better the dinner tomorrow is likely to be!!


What happens if there’s not enough?
We will try to make sure there’s enough food for everyone, but if there's not enough in the Magik hat, we may not be able to indulge in pizza and pudding, as well as going without the little luxuries such as candles, incense, toilet rolls and treats for the kids. If we are really short of cash we won’t be able to run another camp next year.


What happens if there’s a surplus?
This doesn’t happen often! Rainbow is not a commercial camp and does not seek to make a profit. Remember Rainbow still have to pay some costs after the camp ends such as clearing the camp and storage costs over winter. Any extra money will be used to make future camps even better for everyone.


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