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Fri27May - Sun5June 2005 (half term)
Family Fun (kidz camp): Thorn and Star + Nicky
North Midlands ~ Tickets ~ see map

The Rainbow Jedi temple will be opening its doors again at this year's family camp.

There will be a three day intensive training for children who have not yet had the Rainbow Jedi experience.

For level 1 Rainbow Jedi training all you need to bring is your self and a willingness to learn.

This year we are very excited to announce that there will also be Rainbow Jedi level 2 training, for all the fantastic Jedis that took part last year.

Level 2 training is about building on the skills we have learned so far and deepening the connection and flow of energy. We will all have the opportunity to share any new things that we have learnt about energy and our achievements of the past year. This training also includes an exploration into some of the healing arts.

Jedis are to prepare for this further training by practicing the skills that they have learnt so far.
REMEMBER............. FOCUS...........DISCIPLINE............ATTENTION.

Don't forget to practice with your light sabers, really feel the flow when you channel it and play with the energy, see what it can do. Practice the tree posture and remember that we will all be a forest together again soon.

Most of all, come prepared to have fun.

We look forward to hearing stories about your first year as a Rainbow Jedi and what it means to you. Can't wait to see you all again.... until then.....

May the force be with you.

The article was written by Jedi Masters Obi Wobbly One and Wares Qui Gone


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(these pictures taken by me, george, today, Thursday evening 26May2005, the camp opens tomorrow....)

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I went to Beltane Camp..worked on the Tat Down Crew briefly returned to London and rushed back for the Family Fun Camp, where I was joined by my daughter and two grandchildren,their first Rainbow experience..needless to say Gemini (my daughter) is planning to come back this year for a short break without the children.. and she didn't want to leave!!..arriving with by chance with only half of what would have been a palatial family tent IF it had a roof.. with the weather at its windiest and wetest..shelter was provided ( and teas ) by various lovely rainbow people.and I enjoyed being mobile on a filed... moving from Bell Tent to caravan and finally to one of Kevins brilliant domes ()lent to my family) we had good warm shelter..plenty to do for the children,ours being five and three years ..fab job Star Thorn & Nicky..our Rainbow Re-Birth last year is yeilding sweet fruits..and we are all finding solutions to age-old problems..the new Sacred Lodge cover is up..and fills the soul..
.. and
Starcus food and fab cakes feed the belly..Ho to Tom for the Welcome at the Gate...and the great focus and good laughs with the crew..and time with old friends and seeing a lots of new and wiolling faces...Ho Rainbow!!!!


The family fun camp 2005

This year's family fun camp really lived up to its name. It was extremely enjoyable - and special. We went with a large posse of adults and children, ranging in age from 6 - 16. My 14 year old daughter took several of her schoolfriends and, though they had never been to a Rainbow Circle camp before, they took to it like ducks to water!

Even the earth toilets (normally a bit of a shock for kids who are used to water and porcelain) produced only a momentary expression of horror - followed by a sense of triumph.

It may sound strange but there's something quite pleasing about overcoming the fear of a hole in the ground and discovering that it makes a perfectly good place to do what nature needs you to do. That process of discovery was helped, this year, by the fact that the loos were clean, tidy and well made. They were at ground level (and will be at all our camps this year. This is good for disabled campers and good too, for the little ones who don't like climbing onto the box-arrangements that we have used at previous camps. The doors shut properly and had good latches. And they didn't smell!

Anyway, sorry to start with something so basic - but then, just as the loos in a cafe tell you plenty about the standard of the kitchen, so the loos at our camps generally reflect the 'state' of the whole community.

They were together and we were too. There were sandpits, trampolines, workshops, craft activities, Jedi Training sessions, Noise orchestras, wood fired home made pizza baking parties... and storytimes. Most evenings, we had a cinema in the big top... and on the day it didn't stop raining, we had an afternoon movie too. The kids cabaret was great fun - with a balloon modelling entertainer - plus the usual songs and jokes. The adult cabaret was magical too. It's rare to be in a place where you can feel totally relaxed - even with ther people whose names you don't yet know.

Here though, we were all one big happy family... having fun at a camp. And the magic hat kitchen turned out lovely food all week. Only on one evening did our kids complain that dinner looked a bit too much like 'Hippy Slop'. And on the Saturday, when we tested out our catering truck and made chips, beans and veggie sausages for all... plus Hummus and home grown alfalfa sprouts for the adults... there were cheers of delight.

The Derbyshire site had been a cause for concern for some people who were worried that it might be too windy. Well, it WAS windy for a day or so... but that just gave us all something to brace ourselves against - plus a lovely sense of relief when it all calmed down. Farmer Bob, whose organic land we were on, says that this field is not windy during July and August... which is just as well because it looks as if we are due to be on it for the rest of the season.

So for once, the people who live in the South West will have to travel a bit more... while the many Rainbow Circlers who hail from the North will not have so far to go.

We're looking forward to the Astrology camp now. There WILL still be things for kids and teenagers there, though they must all remember that at Rainbow Circle, we create our own magic. If you want it all laid on for you, you need to go to Alton Towers. And (if you can afford the outrageous entry fee) you CAN. It is only a few miles down the road from our campsite!

Oh and by the way... the new ticket arrangements seems to be working brilliantly. We've still got a magic hat cafe... and we're still open to all.. but now we've got a gate that lets in positive energy and somehow seems to keep people who just want a 'free park up and party' away. The chaos of last season is nowhere to be seen. And the best bit of the year still lies ahead.

Jon and Sarah

Hiya all,
had lots of ups and downs this year and things have been rough at times.
I want to thank Star and Thorn for all of their hard work and support, also, Jon , who dealt with the main problems that we had during the camp.
I have learnt a lot about myself, adults, and other people my age this year, and though some of it was not enjoyable, all the time i spent at the family fun this years has helped me a lot.
I've been talking to my parents about an idea i have for maybe a few years in the future, a camp for all, run by teens. I think that teenagers are in the best position to co-ordinate camps as we are in between the adults and children, making it easier to understand both points of view. Obviously, it is not something that teens alone could rune, there would need to be adult mediators and kitchen staff as in every camp. I would like to hear from anyone who is able to help me build on my idea.
Many thanks,

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