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Rainbow Circle :
We will provide:


Communal places for workshops and socialising, some firewood, water, toilets (earth closets), children's areas, but not a creche. There will be at least one Magic Hat hot meal a day around 6 pm.

Rainbow Circle promotes self-healing. If necessary, first aid and alternative therapies are available.


welcome dome - songs and chants

You will need to bring:

A tent or other sleeping space; eating and drinking utensil; warm waterproof clothes and wellies; cooking utensils if you want to self cater.

Bring also your love, your vision, your voice, musical instruments, magical objects, beautiful things to decorate yourself and your space; and don't forget to pack your sense of humour!


All people under 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

Each camp will have different policies on bringing dogs. Look at the individual flyers, or ask before you arrive
Please, no loud amplified music!

Rainbow Circle encourages freedom from addictions; no substance misuse.
We have a policy of no smoking in public spaces, eg domes, workshops and marquees, the gate/welcome dome, children's area, well being and the cafe area. Right of admission reservedHilltop



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