The Gardens

Hello Rainbow Warriors

Thanks for all your wonderful support over the years with the Kids Area and Sacred Garden. This year I must take time off for me. I love Rainbow Circle and always will, but over the years I have become disillusioned and drained, as each spring I have to plant lots of seed and then transplant 200 seedlings into small pots which need tending and caring for each day. When they are strong enough they are transplanted into 50 buckets which have to be lifted in and out morning and night to harden them off for about 2 weeks. Then they can be left out continuously but watered and tended each day and turned so that all sides get the best of the sunshine. The buckets are very heavy and its hard work, but I am always pleased with the results as the plants shine and glow with all the love and care I've given them. I ask for help but there's never enough spare tickets for the garden to have a helper or two.

After lots of stress over transport I finally get to the camp 3 to 4 days before the opening ceremony; this happens frequently during the season. I spend a day dead heading and tidying up the pots after the journey, then a day, sometimes 2 with an iron bar making 30 to 40 holes for the hazel poles to make the gate tight and tie everything safely. Another day for carrying and placing the buckets in position. Then there's the bells, feathers, shells, pebbles, and crystals to arrange and tie on. This is 6 to 8 hours per day; sometimes I'm so tired I miss a lot of the camp itself. On hot days I water morning and sunset so I miss morning meeting and any sunset activities. Then dead heading and cleaning up after disrespectful folk each day. Lighting the garden each night, plus washing jars and lanterns each day takes time too; 2 or 3 hours alone.

This job needs more than one person, as we proved at the Astrology Camp where we created the best garden I have ever been involved with. I love the feed back I receive from visitors to the garden, but this year I need to rest to be there for me and have a holiday. I wish you love and inspiration;

I know you can do it!

Flowers and sunshine to everyone


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