Our Rainbow Circle E group is at:

and checkout your http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups/

The Rainbow Circle E-group was started as a way of keeping the Winter Working Group in touch over the winter, by sharing thoughts outside of the regular meetings. It subsequently opened up to include anyone who had an interest in the camps and their running; and is evolving furthur....

Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbow-circle to see the egroup, and to join us.

The group is moderated.

[ Also please checkout feedback page ]

A few guidelines for the Rainbow Circle Egroup:


  • Respect all feelings, opinions, views expressed etc
  • Use for discussion on topics associated with Rainbow Circle
  • Share information about camps and related events
  • Share details of meetings, where? When? Etc.
  • Find out how Rainbow Circle began
  • Find out about the WWG and the Council
  • Check out the files for whatís gone on before
  • Give out private addresses without consent
  • Give out phone numbers without consent
  • Expect to make decisions on behalf of Rainbow Circle
  • Mistake ignorance for rudeness
  • Use the site for a personal forum
  • Be shy to ask questions or for help


===== Love Light & Rainbows Su xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
(and george and tim and ted and others)

More on general email etiquette can be found at:

Another way to join the egroup is to send an email to rainbow-circle-subscribe@yahoogroups.com , but you then can't use the web interface to upoad and download photos, or to finetune your preferences, etcetera.

Messages are open to viewing by anybody, but to post messages and receive them in email you must first register with yahoo, and then reply to an email they send you to confirm your registration, and then get approved by a moderator. This is to stop spammers. It's not perfect, but it works, and its free!

Once you're a member you can upload files and photos to the group after a few clicks from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rainbow-circle

Attachments are not allowed by the egroup, if you send one with a message it will be deleted - this is to stop our email inboxes being swamped. So even if you receive several messages in one day from the egroup (when there's a hot topic) they wont eat up your storage space. There is an option to receive each days' emails as one 'DIGEST' email, however this isnt a good option, its then a lot harder for you to reply to individual topics, and harder for you to look back for a remembered nugget of info weeks later if you store the rainbow-circle egroup messages in their own folder in Outlook Express, or whatever email software you're using...



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