Year of the Dog-ess

Rainbow Circle


1. Sign in your dog on arrival at Welcome Dome

  • Dog's name / Breed - colouring, markings / Sex
  • Please report if your dog has any particular fears or dislikes.
  • Your dog must have a collar, lead and name-tag
  • A standard dog-deposit (!!) fee is charged at 5 per dog.
    This is refundable if the animal and owner have behaved.

    2. Mad Dogs and Hippies

  • Please be aware of your dog's behaviour and needs at all times - as one would a child.
  • At no times must your dog be off the lead.
  • Should your dog be harassed by children please report to the welcome dome!
  • If in season please make sure the bitch is kept indoors / tied up and walk the animal off site.

    3 Peek-a-Poo

  • We do it - they do it - poo
  • It is vital that all dog poo-posits are cleared up.
  • Please bring plastic gloves or whatever but do not discard them in toilets
  • Bury the poo or cover with ash or dispose in rubbish
  • Please wash hands.

    4. Dog Day Afternoons

  • To enable dogs and owners to get to know one another it would be nice to organise afternoon walks, dog shows, etc.
  • This could be a team effort.
  • Share any ideas for a doggie events at a noon gathering.

    Animals are part of our family too.

  • Woof Woof
  • Rainbow Circle appreciates your co-operation

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