Rainbow Circle Beltane Camp 2017
Friday 28 April - Monday 1st May
Magic Hat


3 May 2017
Carrie writes:
for the newsletter i havent mentioned names as everyone was so amazing.................well wow im still adjusting from returning from what has been a cosy lovely camp. The energy that has been put in by all and the co operation has made me revive my faith in rainbow circle. tat up saw communal meals which i think is essential for hard working hungry tat heroes, it also starts building the community spirit from seed camp.The food at camp was awesome and the pakora was an excellent treat. we had some visitors that had a nice time and want to return as well as seeing the old faces that i love it was nice to see some new ones. what i would like personally is for some more elder members to come back even for day to show us new blood how its done and plenty more new blood to carry that energy. the past few camps i have been to have made me grow as a person and i have been valued and i have valued the circle, i still struggle to describe rainbow to my friends ! i suppose its like explaining earth to an alien being. everyone seemed happy, friendships where formed, dreadlocks were formed, new ideas were formed and new chants learnt. People from other rainbow familys attended and were welcomed and felt happy to be there it seemed. The chakra chanting was amazing and the play about the two kingdoms was emotional and i wet my cheeks (the ones on my face) the musicians where fabulous we even had kids that write their own amazing songs and the jamming and drumming circles were epic. the maypole dancing was a highlight and lots of fun .

i went to this camp promising myself i would take a step back from responsibilities and just visit but now i want to be involved more than ever.i have been inspired by this camp and by newsletters and stories of old and how much the camp and the people actually come togther with little to no persuasion, would i co ordinate again, course i flowering would!

we are the ones we have been waiting for and our children are the future, save the world raise a hippy.

love and blessings from Annedromeda

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