Rainbow Circle Magic Hat Beltane Camp 2006
29 April-14 May 2006 (South East England)
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Rainbow Circle is Celebrating! Having turned 18, we are making merry, in our 19th year of holding exciting educational camps, transformational camps, astronomical camps, seasonal camps, music, spiritual, healing, magic, dance, laughter, craft, kids & family camps...
Our winter group is bursting with enthusiasm, new faces joining the regulars, old faces joining back in the show, lots of experience, courage, wisdom & hilarity, it's an exhilarating & varied agenda for all those involved with Rainbow Circle this year.
We welcome you all to come along and join in the fun!
We are opening our season with a Magic Hat Beltane Camp, in the south west of England, this two week, three weekend, camp will encompass three great Celebrations; Including toasting marshmallows, sharing stories, songs and secrets over the Beltane Eve Fire; our own version of the traditional dancing around the maypole, including much dressing up & fun on the 1st of May, followed by an Astro Salute, with the queen of ceremony, hippie Lyn, to the amazing planetary line-up in the sky on Monday 5th, & for the final weekend, extending our Invitation to the International Rainbow Family to join us for a Full Moon Circle to Celebrate Family & Co-operation, & to look forward to this summer, when Rainbow Circle goes International...
The site is fairly flat, has space for parking, water tap & half a dozen compost toilets, including easy access for wheelchairs. The nearest town has a train station and the usual local amenities.
Rainbow Circle will provide some communal warm dry spaces, and some welcoming faces, You will need to bring whatever you need for camping in 'spring time weather', including, a tent or other sleeping space, cup, plate, bowl, spoon, fork etc; warm waterproof clothes and wellies.
Bring also your love, your vision, your voice, musical instruments, kites to fly, magical objects, workshop ideas, beautiful things to decorate yourself and your space; and don't forget to pack your sense of humour!
Please, no loud amplified music!
We ask for responsible dog owners who wish to bring their dog, to contact us beforehand, to make appropriate arrangements, It will be lambing time, there are sheep nearby.
Trading on Saturdays only
Dogs by prior arrangement only
This is not a Party, not a park-up:
This is a Celebration of Life

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this photo  by kith from august2005 probably