Rainbow CircleBeltane Camp 2004


May and June 2004
There will be some rainbow fun
a magic hat celebration of life,
run by those who come.

We'll camp in fields in the fresh air
there'll be love freedom and spirit there
Theres also a cafe and a kids marquee
workshop domes tents tipis

So bring , bedding and a knife and fork
some shelter and a solar  torch
Bring your toothbrush bowl and plate
wrap up warm and dont be late

When you get there you will find
people of a peaceful kind
Bring your songs and musical wonder
Bring your craft and skill

Come and share your fun with us
we'd love it if you will.
Magic Hat 
is a way of living.
Living as Sharing. Sharing our energy, skills and love.
Funding is by way of voluntary contribution into the Magic Hat, which we trust will provide enough for all of us to continue to keep the camps together and make them better and stronger for all our futures.
When we create our magic village, within the natural world, there are no paid workers, so everyone needs to participate as much as possible, in putting up the camps, keeping them running, and taking them down.

We eat communally in a circle each evening and share the cooking and shopping.
Remember to bring your own cup, plate, cutlery and water container.
You will also need to bring your own bedding, sleeping space and wellies!

There is a Magic Hat at the Gate Dome for the expenses of putting on the camps and there is a 
Magic Hat at all the Food Circles.

Whilst on camp we all take personal responsibility for our pets, 
our children, and ourselves.
During our time together we have the opportunity to share our creativity with each other. 
Have you got a workshop you would like to put on? 
Or a song that you would like to share?
We have a Big Lodge, Domes and Marquees that can be used as workshop spaces 
and if the weather is good there are lovely glades and other outside spaces to use.
Show it, Share it, and Save it!
Pass it onto the future, we will lose it otherwise.
Please bring your voice, your vision, 
your love and your friends
No Drugs, No Drunks, No Drainbows, 
No Commerce, No Sound Systems,
No cold insensitivity.

Trading on Saturdays only

No dogs at Beltane and Kids camps.
At the other camps dogs must be on a lead at all times and a £10 deposit is required for every dog.

This is not a Party, not a park-up: 

This is a Celebration of Life

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