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Rainbow Circle Astrology Wheel

The word “mandala” stems from Sanskrit, (the classical language of India) and means “circle”.

The number twelve a cosmic number, yielded by multiplying the feminine 4 and the masculine 3 ( there are 3 zodiac signs in each of the 4 quarters of the astro wheel).

Aries ~ I am ~ Ruled by Mars
Taurus ~ I have ~ Ruled by Venus
Gemini ~ I think ~ Ruled by Mercury
Cancer ~ I feel ~ Ruled by the Moon
Leo ~ I will ~ Ruled by the Sun
Virgo ~ I analyse ~ Ruled by Mercury
Libra ~ I balance ~ Ruled by Venus
Scorpio ~ I desire ~ Ruled by Mars/ Pluto
Sagittarius ~ I see ~ Ruled by Jupiter
Capricorn ~ I use ~ Ruled by Saturn
Aquarius ~ I know ~ Ruled by Uranus
Pisces ~ I believe ~ Ruled by Neptune


Kevin astro

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