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Calling all Chakra powered amigos!

The prodigal plumber hath returned. Back for a year or two or three or more. Six camps on the calendar and maybe an excursion to the Big Green. There’s time&space to repair equipment and vehicles.

We have three ticket camps after the Beltane and I’m helping to recruit for all areas on all camps. We need your four hours a day and with a crew of 40 for the café, we need over 120-crew altogether to cover all areas. I’ll be holding the café and site crew energies together, as in year 2000, and supporting all areas. As any of you who have worked for Rainbow Circle before know, there are many shifts to be filled on each camp, Inc; gate, wellbeing, site crew, kids, sacred area and café.

We’d like to build a new Big Lodge on the craft camp and I’m looking for someone with a chain saw and a coppicing license. Also a good seamstress and machine. There’s lots of bits and there’ll be tools to use for most to take part.

Check the calendar and let us know when you can make it. I’m on the road but can be contacted at
starcus@gmail.com and on 07952 395796.
There’s an application form on the website and alternatively you may correspond via
Rainbow Circle , PO Box 68 , Bromley , BR1 3NW

Love and Chakra buzz, Starcus.

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