Summer 2015 Camps

Moon Dreams & Sun Beams:

July 29 - Aug 6th




Welcome to Moon Dreams and Sun Beams. A celebration of the first blue moon in July for 19 years (Metonic Cycle) and Lammas – The first Harvest of Autumn.


Join us in creating a Lammas Alter; Baking Lammas bread; Foraging walks to gather natures treasures; Making corn dollies and many other traditional Lammas activities; Clay modelling; Jewellery making;  Healing therapies; Sports day; Parachute games; Bowling; Land Art; Cabaret and so much more.


Bring your love, light, energy and inspiration. All Rainbow Circle Camps come together organically and rely on everyone’s participation in whatever form that may be. So join us to create a magical one.



Village :

6th Aug - 11th Aug

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Rainbow circle members, past present and future. The countdown for summer camps has begun. Check your diary to see if you can join us. Rainbow circle village offers the fantastic opportunity to meet old and new friends. There is a dedicated team of organisers, with exciting plans of workshops, communal spaces, fun, play, dress up, singing and dancing.


Please feel free to bring your own ideas of craft, healing, music and other talents. On the evening we have the ultimate pleasure of sharing a vegan/vegetarian meal together. Prepared with love, maybe even by you....

our magik hat camps :

Rainbow Circle is a Magik Hat camp, we don’t sell tickets; we trust that people will put in as much as they can, as often as they can. Without your generous contributions, the camps cannot run, more information about how the contributions are spent can be found here.

Emergency Contacts

Moon Dreams & Sun Beams: July 31st - Aug 6th

Co-ord Contact: Karina  07513xxxxxx


Rainbow Village : 6th August - 11th August

Co-ord Contact : Misster Karen 07780 713***


Email us :


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