AGM 2008 - Website & Egroup Report





The egroup has been working well, we have 3 or 4 active moderators we try to pass most messages but redirect private and personal ones, and to filter out irrelevant spam and abuse. Though I dont agree with every decision that every moderator has made, neither do they agree with every decision I've made, I do agree with the process, we have had many private discussions abnout how to moderate at WWGs and by email, we also have discussed individual messages by email, the system works. There is an independent rainbow-heartshare egroup which is unmoderated and uncensored, but the rainbow circle egroup should remain moderated - its my experience that when spam wars erupt other people leave the group.

The website is working OK, though there were a few months last summer when I couldnt update it it's now working OK and I am ready to pass on the passwords to whoever takes it on next year - I propose that Sue Weasel be Web and egroup coordinator and I am prepared to be on the internet circle to help.


George (E coordinator)


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