AGM 2008 - Tat Report





Last year's WWG decided that it is possible to hire our tat out to other groups when we dont need it for our camps. We were going to advertise this at Sunrise Festival but the floods destroyed our plans.

The tipi poles are at a farm near the 2007 big green gathering

We hired a marquee to Bob at kniveton

We hired some plumbing and the old tipi poles to the pirates, they put them back in the artic and the bus and gave £20 to the local welder to fix up padlocks.

The tea urn and some other stuff got lost between sunrise and the Big Chill.

I have various bits of Rainbow Circle tat here at Hatfield - 4 chairs for welding, a bue plastic tarp, a hose pipe, and the death slide.

The toilets could be renovated by me and Larry by cutting a few inches off each edge and welding the metal frames a bit smaller

couldnt find the solar panel so I guess it was stolen at tatdown autumn2007.


George (Tat coordinator)


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