AGM 2008 - Stocktake & Sunrise at Big Chill Reports





Coordinated by Kestrel.

20 people attended.

We went through the container. Tidied it and threw some stuff away.

Marked numbers on the sides.

Made sheets of what was in the containers, the sheets are with me. Unfortunately the different people in the container made notes in different ways and differing quality, so the notes are difficult to put together.

It was revealed that we had no shortage at all of canvas.

WWG meetings were held during this camp.

The rest of this is in the Treasurers report.

Magik hats 102.23

Costs`(land) 36.75 -

Profit 65.48

Sunrise at Big Chill fundraiser

1-3 August.

Rainbow got 10 free tickets for this.

We made a little money. We had the garden and had some magik hat rounds of circle weaving, although this idea didn't really take off. We distributed lots of leaflets.

Magik hats 38.95

Costs (materials) 10.00

Profit 28.95


There was just one camp to crew up and down. It should be noted that this takes as much crewing effort as if we had had a whole summer season of camps back to back.

The crew up was somewhat rushed. Weather was bad, and some of us were at the Northern Green Fundraiser until shortly before camp. There was also a shortage of manpower.

Crew down was well attended, although by them I was personally quite ill.




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