Northern Green Gathering



Co coordinators: Red Sara, Welsh Alan, Annie


It was wet, it was windy and it was almost wonderful !

The Northern Green Festival gave us very few tickets considering how much we brought for them.
We provided the Softpot garden and also ran a number of excellent workshops for them too!

We did some things not seen at Rainbow Circle camps before. We did 'Circle Weaving', a great friendship introduction game dreamed up by Red Sara. Not only was it great fun to play, is also gave us a grand opportunity to meet people, and introduce ourselves as Rainbow Circle.

I have always felt |Rainbow Circle could find a niche for itself as the holders of 'Sacred Ceremony' at the various festi's, and this is exactly what we did at the Northern Green. Not only did we conduct their opening and closing ceremonies, we added some new ones too....

We did a 'Heart Weaving' ceremony, - this being our unique form of Rainbow Circle hand fasting, - and bonded the most delightful couple in a beautifully crafted ceremony that pleased everyone enormously.
We also did a friendship blessing !

Everyday we were busy doing workshops of some form or other. Kestrel continued to distribute leaflets and in the evening he conducted some wonderful Chakra Chanting workshops, and a lovely 'Lighting Candles for Tibet' night. Red Sara led a great alternative to the dance of life called 'Diving in to the Rainbow', (I recommend it to everyone), and there where also a couple of Softpot workshops too.

All in all, we did a fantastic job!
My thanks go to everyone on the team, Red Sara, Welsh Alan, Kestrel, Chloe and the garden.

This year, Rainbow Circle redeemed itself in the eyes of the Northern Green, and we put ourselves on the map as the people who can hold and conduct sacred ceremonies.

We were not allowed to charge for our many workshops, but remarkably, Northern Green played us £70 towards our costs. We also had donations given to the Angel wheel and ourselves for the 'Heart Weaving' ceremony we conducted. All in all we raised £94.22 profit.

By any standards, this is is a modest profit, but it's a good start...

In comparison to the big festivals, the Northern Green is very small, and because there were so few of us we all had to work very hard to achieve and maintain everything.

Next year, Northern Green say we are very welcome to come back with our special brand of Rainbow magic and do it all again. Perhaps we should consider doing this again?
Perhaps not.......

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